Plant-Based Solutions


Plant-Based Solutions

Replacing your disposable products with sustainable alternatives is easier than you might think.

We work with restaurants, non-food businesses, and private individuals to find earth-friendly substitutes to use at work and at home.


Green Alaska Solutions specializes in providing biodegradable and compostable food service packaging. Our company supplies plant-based substitutions for conventional plastic or Styrofoam containers and other single use food service packaging. These products are offered to eating establishments, businesses that use disposable items for employee use and special events, and the general public.

Non-Food Businesses

Most businesses purchase disposable dishware for employee break rooms and meetings or special functions. Green Alaska Solutions can provide products in small quantities or in bulk for a discount.


Many events tend to overuse natural resources, produce more emissions, and add more to landfills than would normally occur. Our products can make events more eco-conscious by providing biodegradable plates, cups, and cutlery for the food and bags for proper disposal.

Individuals/General Public

Green Alaska Solutions sells smaller amounts of products to the general public. There is no need to buy an entire case.

Take a visible stand on environmental and sustainable business practices. We provide signs and stickers so customers will know you care about the environment and their health.